Senin, 15 April 2013

As a financial advisor paid?

Become a financial advisor is difficult, it takes a lot of hard work to obtain qualifications, experience, and a list of contacts and customers who are willing to use. However, once you have made a good standing financial advisor there are many prizes to be had.

Generally, the average salary in this profession is between $ 100 and $ 200 K, however vary greatly depending on the number and quality of your clients, as well as methods of payment are accepted.

There are three ways that a financial adviser will be paid, each with their own positive and negative aspects. They are:

-Paid on Commission by product

This is great for attracting customers actually working for free, you earn a Commission on the products you sell them and if after the meeting they do not require any product so you didn’t get lost. Work on Commission have some downsides, however, namely that the consultants of income will be quite unstable and may oversell items that may not be essential to the customer in order to make money.

-A flat-rate amount of recharge

On the other hand, financial consultants may also charge a flat rate without getting any Commission. This allows for a lower overall price chosen and at the meeting and also the Advisor Gets a guaranteed payment.

-A Mix of flat-rate and Commission

The third way you can get paid a financial adviser is through a combination of the two methods listed above. Using a mix of methods provides a more balanced Commission income is chargeable. Nether the levels of Commission or flat rate will be as high as the previous methods, which makes for a well-rounded affair more attractive to customers.

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